Our automatic anti-icing spray system ensures safety on key road segments during the winter season. We use cutting-edge technology developed by Boschung Mecatronic, which automatically applies substance to the road surface when a risk of icing is detected, preventing ice formation and improving road safety.
Thanks to integrated sensors that operate on the principle of active detection, our systems can accurately determine when spraying needs to be activated. The entire process is automated and requires minimal human intervention, allowing for a quick response to weather changes. This ensures that the brine is applied precisely and efficiently, with special nozzles and distribution technology ensuring even coverage of the treated sections.

key advantages

High trigger accuracy

Using active detection technology to pinpoint the exact moment when spraying is required minimises waste and increases spray efficiency.

Fast response

Automated systems react instantly to weather changes, allowing quick surface treatment and preventing ice build-up.

Minimising operational intervention

With automatic control, the need for manual intervention is minimised, increasing operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

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