The construction of meteorological stations is a complex solution for efficient and secure winter road maintenance. Our stations are designed to provide crucial information for winter maintenance decisions without direct on-site supervision. We specialize in invasive contact measuring, where sensors directly connected to the road surface ensure high data accuracy.
Our portfolio includes cutting-edge systems from the Swiss company Boschung Mecatronic, suitable for highways as well as for less demanding locations with the possibility of using solar power. We offer two types of detection: active and passive. Active sensors measure road temperature and determine the freezing point, while passive sensors measure external conditions. In addition, weather stations can be equipped with cameras for visual monitoring of the situation.

key advantages


The stations provide real-time meteorological data, which is crucial for prompt and reliable winter road maintenance decisions.


The stations use both active and passive sensors that capture not only the external weather situation but also the condition of the road surface.


This ensures high accuracy, reliability and long-term durability of the systems, which is crucial for effective road weather monitoring and management.

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